Close relationship



These photos show the behaviors of people when they have close relationship with each other. People interact with each other when they are showing "love". So they create connection when they come together. When they touch each other, for example, one's neck will connect with the other shoulder, or their wrists will have a connection. And it is also extend an idea of people is willing to connect their body in different ways that others can not understand. 

Sheila Hicks



Sheila Hicks, Cordes Sauvages / Hidden Blue, 2014 

In many ways, Sheila Hicks’s work is about raveling and unraveling. When I look at her works, I always feel she is really bold to try materials and the style is really strong of her big-scale sculptures. With different kinds of colours, she used cotton, wool, linen, silk, bamboo, synthetic or more different materials in the sculptures. So you will see a lot of unregular patterns of colours with the same form of her works, which looks really interesting and active.


Sybille Paulsen



Jewellery designer cut-off hair of cancer patients into custom pieces of jewellery.  His collection is about getting visible and their lost hair is transformed into something valuable and beautiful.

Primary Research---Pentonville Rubber

屏幕快照 2018-09-02 上午8.31.26.png

屏幕快照 2018-09-02 上午8.33.15.png

For exploring the materials for my final outcome, I went to the shop called Pentonville Rubber. The shop mainly sell a lot of interesting rubber materials. Each of these materials have different identities. Some of them are really soft and thin, some are transparent like the straw. Most of the rubber materials are flexible, I think they will come out interesting effect when they are used as material for my works. So I just choose some thin rubber materials, which I think they are easier for me to make the braiding works and come out the textures.

site: 104-106 Pentonville Rd, Islington, London N1 9JB

Grayson Perry




 This is the RA exhibition collection of Grayson Perry. The exhibition contains a wide range of different types of works, like sculpture, weaving, collage and so on. The colours and the freedom style form the Distinctive features of this exhibition, which is quite normal from Grayson Perry's collection. 

Relate in time---Marina abramovic

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Victorian Hair Jewellery



Mourning hair pendant/brooch/locket

These hair work is come from Victoria period made by hair and metal. They show the interesting pattern create by hair inside the glass. I think the idea of hiding the hair inside the glass remind me of the specimen of some creature. For example, some people like collect a lot of specimen of insect, and keep them for a long time. So I think the artist just present the value of the hair through this hair jewelley.  And what also attract me is the pattern made by hair, I think is really delicate and will be one of the point attract the audience. 


Gold-filled chains


Gold-filled chains types and styles

These are the research of different kinds of chains. They are linked with similar geometric shape and  what attract me is the shape of chains are regular and look interesting.  They remind me of the people relationships that link them together. The chains are really hard to separate each other because the chain itself is really hard and strong, they are buckle together. So this research inspire me of the regular shape tight people together.  

How to tie the basic knots of Macramé


Technical research----How to tie the basic knots of Macramé

This will be one of the most important researches for my project. This video gives me an idea of how to make interesting weaving texture in a simple way. The video show how to use the single material to make basic knots and become a long texture. The material shown in the video is thick, unlike the normal weaving work by woolen yarn I have done before. So it can just help to show really clearly that how to make these works. And this video also inspire me of some other material like rubber to do weaving work instead of yarn. 

Hair Braiding techniques


These are some simple technique of hair braiding. Following the steps of braiding, I tried to use them into my experiment. They are simple but good to make texture really quickly. When I combine with different materials in this technique, they will have different effect of braiding. And it is also really interesting that you can see the difference if I braid them quite loose or braid them really tight.

Tutorial sites:

Primary Research---Chain


When I walk on the street outside and want to do some primary research. I noticed a series of chain hanged on the pillar, which remind me of the hair braiding texture. Each ring link with each other, And they just hard to be separated. So it inspire me of the close relationship between people. Their interaction let them create an relationship. Unlike the golden-filled chain, which looks expensive and valuable, this is chain looks rusty and the size is much more bigger. So I just think about that the chains are useful when they appear everywhere for linking things. 

African braiding tutorial

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Cable industry design


 Design Museum exhibition 

This is an industry design exhibited in the design museum. When I saw this at the first time, I think it is so crazy that a lot of cables come out of the hole. They look powerful when they come together. You can imagine that when these cable charge for many phones, they will become hard to hold the electric because of too much power. And it also inspire me of the material. You can see that cables are much more thicker than wire because they are covered the skin, and the surface is smooth. So I just consider whether they can be the materials for my experiment. 

Weaving with roving

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V&A summer exhibition----Hat-light

The work Hat-light is 77 knitted hat called taqiya. The artist has connected the hats to electric wires, which all link to one cable, to represent the idea of one faith shared by all believers. Each of these hat has a different pattern. The hats are arranged in ten groups, in parallel rows, they were hand-knitted with recycled wool by an artisan in Rahmoun's hometown, Tetouan. This work have really beautiful weaving patterns and the colours are different from each hat. The light stand out the colourful patterns in such a dark place.




When I look at this image, it will remind me of lossing hair. The texture looks sparse and the material look soft and weak. But the effect is so interesting when the the hair intertwine together. 



This shop contains a whole shop fake hair. When I came into the shop, I can see different kinds of hair attract my eyes, including fake straight hair for people to braid themselves, curly hair, braiding hair, twisting hair, colored hair and so on. And people will want to touch because the interesting touch feeling. And I think these can be interesting unique materials for me in this project, which with different textures and flexible. 

Hair loss


The image show that some people have their hair loss and the hair are sucked inside. This quite happen frequently on me these day and I can see the interesting phenomenon there. 

Embedded media

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Andrea Coderch



 Untitled (bracelet), Shibuichi, silk/ Caja de lágrimas (pendant), Shibuichi, silk

I think it is really interesting that the artist do the embroidery on the metal, which is a beautiful texture for the jewellery pieces. And what make the design unique is the surface look rusty and a little bit uneven. And the silk that come out with the metal remind me of the loosing hair, which is interesting and changeable.

Embedded media

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Afro-Carribean hair


These are some materials I found in the Afro-Carribean hair shop, when I was doing the primary research. The whole shop just sell many different kinds of fake hair, and I pick up some of them I like and brought them for materials. For me I really like curly hair, they show  funny texture, like noodle. And really flexible and elastic. They are processed by hair curler. And there are also have different braiding hair, they remind me of some handmade technique, for example, twisting or knitting. 


Chinese acrobatic----HAIR HANGING


This is one of the Chinese acrobatic actions, which is showing that the performers are hanger their head on the ceiling.  The performance looks really high difficult and amazing. They use their power of the hair to hang their body on the ceiling and do some interesting actions. It show that the hair is weak but have a lot of power when they are together. And when they are hanging their hair, the performer emotions also look really interesting and humorous. 

Book: Cooper, W.(1971). Hair. London, Aldus House, Conway Street, Fitzroy Square

Caroline Broadhead

Tufted Necklace


This jewellery is made by Caroline Boradhead. Her work neckpiece is made from silver, wood, dyed nylon monofilament. This jewellery piece have really nice colour, and because of the Rotary screw shape created by the nylon, the colour have the gradual change. The material remind me of hair texture. So I think dyed nylon can be one of the material references of this project.

How to Make Twine from Fabric Scraps

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the 19th Century African hair braiding



The hair style of the african braiding hair has a long history, and it still really popular until now. They braid all their hair together really tight. In slavery, many African bought back the braids both as a way to stay connected to their heitage and to assert their independence. Their style also fit with the requirement that their hair be neat and tidy while working on plantations.

In Africa historically braids could be used as a way to express religion, kinship, status, age and ethnicty, among other attributes. 

Japanese Braiding Technique




Maurizio Anzeri hair sculpture



The hair sculpture is the most famous work of the artist Maurizio Anzeri. He used long ropes of human hair as the main material to create the huge sculpture with different shapes and form. I think I can learn some techniques from this artist and refer to how he use hair to become 3D interesting shapes. I like he using hand-stitched method to build up the hair. Just become really stable like an installation. 

Alice Anderson

Hair sculpture



 This artist is famous for it huge hair sculpture. In this collection of hair sculpture, she only like to use one material----hair. And the hair is always the similar colour, just like the natural real hair. I think is it really amazing that she can only use hair to construct different shape of structure, though some of them are quite difficult. They just come out the exactly shape she want. The first image is the sculpture that use the human hair and built on the people head. What amaze me is the sculpture is build by part of the body.

Maurizio Anzeri hai

Gallery crop.jpg


Maurizio Anzeri Hair Embroidery

'photo-sculptural' is the other collection of Maurizio Anzeri. Unlike the 3D hair sculpture , which is a famous collection of  Maurizio Anzeri, create an collection of embroided photographs. She take inspiration from her own personal experience and observation of how, in other cultures, bodies themselves are treated as living graphic symbolsShe used different technique of embroidery to create colourful pattern (and sometimes a little creepy) to make collage on the vintage photographs. The works show different personalities of each person, which are embroided covering the whole face.

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