Collection: PART 1


Michael Anastassisdes

This artist creates a light system based on jewellery. I think it is quite like a installation and remind me of net and relationship. It  actually come from idea of chains. And it is really interesting to see the chain to become so big and what is more is the light come out of it, and you can see different effect in different direction. And you can also look through of it. And it also tell me that jewelley can also inspired other field. 



Zoe Robertson----Jewellery and performance

This artist create really interesting work between jewellery and performance. It show that the jewellery become a huge sculpture and making interaction with people. And the performances are also attract me because each performance show that people is making use of the art piece. For example, it just remind me of sport equipment in the park. And at the same time it can be an installation on the human body, which connect to jewellery. p1-3.jpg


Maiko Takada is one of my most favourite jewellery artist. I really appreciate the way of she presenting her work on the body. She making jewellery on the body, but at the same time, she is making interaction withe the body. In one of her collection, he create something that it just reflect what we can not see outside to the skin. It just like shadow and a kind of human spirit.



The beatles  were an English rock band formed in Liverpool in 1960. Each member of the band have the same iconic hairstyle. They are all with short black haircut, like the shape of mushroom. It hair style become really famous from then to now. It become a classic hairstyle in the history. 




Nick Cave is a fine art artist. This some of his famous artwork. I really into the way that he making something cover the whole body, It remind me of such as monster kind of dramatic things. And it just become so interesting with the movement of people. His work just inspired me of some hunting and crazy body piece on the human body, You can see he use a lot of different material, which come out different effect. I really like the one on the middle of the fist image, something that come out of the body really attract me and you can not see the face. And it also like the body is finding the way to walk.



These are the research from library. It show some trend in the 60's fashion in British. These are some image of a book which show the popluar element in the 60's. I choose some I found that is attract me, It have some attractive point such as the texture of the fur, the folding skirt and the collar famous for the 60's. The shape inspired me for my further design of jewellery head piece, with these interesting popluar element. I think the fashion in the 60's is quite dramatic and become famous in the movie. The style is popluar until now, and I think it is an important fashion revolution in the history.-5.jpg


The first picture is really inspire me. It transform the WINGCHUN wooden dummy into a human body. And this remind me of people fight together. And the photo show that diferent part of the body on the dummy, which is quite interesting.



Andy Goldsworthy

And Goldsworthy is a natural man who love to using nature things to perform art. You can see that he consider the colour, diferent shape of the nature things and the pattern. I think it is so clever to to use these nature things to express the things that belong himself.





Latte Art

Making with steam milk. To show the interesting message and pattern on the coffee. It just remind me of people making memorandum so that they will not forget the important things. Like every day people leave some message every where, like drinking coffee as a daily routine. 




Christoph Niemann Coffee

Christoph Niemann, who is a guy love to make down the interesting story between he and coffee. He love coffee for five years, every time he get the tissue in the cafe, he use the print ink that coffee leave to make in illustration, which is fun and creative. And this idea also inspired me of leaving message. I really like the tissue illustration, it is just like something around me in my daily life.


Stain Mug by Bethan Laura Wood

Stain is a set of a teacups designed to improve through use. This project examines the assumption that use is damaging to a product. It just like the more the cups are used, the more the pattern is revealed. Over time they will build up an individual pattern dependent on the users personal way of drinking tea.