Collection: PART 3

reflective journal

contextual practice


August 10


 Today, I went to the metal workshop to do the other experiment for the next test of materials. I try some cable this time after I inspired by the work of cables in the design museum exhibition. I found that the cables can be easy to bent because it is quite soft. And I can also combine three stripes of them to make the braiding. And I also want them be crossed and have the 3D structure to look exaggerate, I used wire to get through of them, which is really stable and can be stand in different shape.  

August 9


Today after I borrowing other weaving loom, I started to do some weaving work with yarns and the fake hair I bought from the work shop. I want to present more texture of braiding hair, so I just found different types of woolen yarn, observing the difference of these yarn(colors, textures, thickness). When it was finished it come out different textures combine together. And what interesting is the weaving loom help me to present the differences in different levels really clearly and I can easy to change the yarn to create different texture with the weaving loom too. I think it can also easy to become 3D form with another tough material inside. For this experiment, I make two different weaving works in order to present the relationship of two people, with hair braiding to connect them together. The materials are really soft and easy to make the texture effect in this experiment and easy to come out with different colors.

Final proposal

August 7



Today at first, I want to go to the stitch workshop to do some weaving with the hair material I bought before. But I found that the weaving machine was broken so I went to the casting workshop. I want to use the braiding technique to make textures of braiding hair in different kinds of material. So at first O make the braiding by clay, but I found that the shape of the clay is easy to be broken because it is too heavy but quite soft. So I tried to use red vina mold to cover them in order to make a mold so that I can place other material in the mold to create texture. The vina mold is really paddy like jelly. I cut them into small cubes so that I can put them into the microwave to heat them into liquid form. Then I can pour into the box and cover the clay. After it was concreted again I move out of the clay inside and I can see the interesting textures in the vina mold. And I can feel the exactly texture of braiding hair when I tough the mold, which like paste and soft. Then I try to place plaster inside, then it come out the perfectly shape of braiding hair and the texture look quite nice. Although the experiment is successful, I think plaster is quite easy to break up, and it look like a piece of sculpture. And you can feel the sense of weight when you hold it in your hand. 

August 6


August 2

Today I summit my final proposal draft. And the tutor point out some of the problem during tutorial. The main problem of my proposal draft is the bibliography, he said that I need to change the format into Harvard style. So then I found the reference on the Harvard website and change them into correct format. I found my bibliography look more clear after I refer to the Harvard style. 

August 1---Contextual pratice




Today I went to the design museum. It is so interesting to see the industrial design from history to modern time. And you can see the inventions are being improved though there are the same items There are different in different periods. And what amaze me is those inventions are all for human being. Designer improve those designs in order to live them a better life. As the time changes, people will follow different functions they need. So the functions of the inventions will be changed really fast as the time goes. And I think it is really interesting that those inventions are link to human being, which inspire me many ideas of industrial design.


Today I bring my proposal draft for the register and  have tutorial with tutor, he have a look of my proposal draft and point out some problems of my draft. The tutor asked me to check the Harvard reference on the citethem right website for my bibliography , which I have not used the correct form. And I also talk about some ideas of this project with the tutor. He said the "Hanging Hair" reference is really amazed him and suggest that I should make drawings based on this reference for the first action. And I decided to check the Harvard reference on the citethem right website first. And then I try to do some sketches of different ideas in 3D form. 



 Today for doing the primary research , I went to the Afro-Caribbean hair shops. When I came into the shop, the braiding hair products are hanged everywhere in the shop. The shop is full of hair,which looks dazzling and interesting, and when I walk around the shop, it is interesting for me to pick up the hair I like. And I also like the sense of touching the hair, the straight hair are really soft, and the braiding hair have really different sense of feeling. They are tough and you can feel the interesting texture. I decided to buy some for material research and try to figure some braiding techniques. 


Today in the morning, I went to the V&A museum, I get inspired by different ideas of the artist work from different field. I found that some of the design can be relate to my theme "hair art" this project, So I try to focus on the material choices of the artist and also the effect and the form that the works come out. The images below is the artist Younes Rahmoun, his work reflects his religious beliefs. His work Hat-light, which is 77 knitted hats each with light in a dark place. It is really attract me because I really like the way that he use light to reflect the texture of knitting, and they show different colour.   


In the afternoon, I went to to CSM library to find more references for the theme and explore more ideas and inspiration. I found an interesting Chinese acrobatics called Hanging hair. It show that the performing people tight all their hair up and hanging on the the ceiling. It is so amaze that the human can be hanged up just by the hair. This idea is so interest me so I decided to use this as the first reference idea of my work on the body.



Today, I selected one of the themes, which is Hair"ART". I select this theme because I think it is easy for me to explore a lot of ideas. And there are also many directions for me to do the research as well as experiments. So I started to research online to get inspired and find some references that I possible to explore further in this project. I found an interesting historical research-----the 19 Century African hair braiding. The African braid all their hair together in different individual way, which just like their beautiful proportion, and it remind me they are braiding their friendship. So it come out my concept,which is braiding relationship. And I set up a plan that I want to explore more ideas about hair and relationship for this project.


Today we started the new project, which is the final major project. With my three themes, I have the first tutorial for this project. The first one is acrobatics performance jewellery. I think it will be interesting when I link jewellery to the high difficulty reaction by human body. And the second one is hair art jewellery. I was inspired by the African hairstyle in the 19 century. The third on is chemistry reaction.