reflection journal


  • I think the FDA plus course make a good preparation for my further BA course. My discipline is Fashion Jewellery. Before the course starting, I think I am lack of professional techniques and skills for making 3D work. And what is more, I also want to explore more materials. In this course, tutor will give us the chance to work in different workshop like metal workshop, wood workshop, casting workshop and so on. I think it is really enjoyable for me to work in the workshop. For me casting workshop is my most favorite, I really like using plaster because I think it   is really easy to create beautiful texture and on the work and you can also make some huge crazy work by plaster. And what I think is the most difficult is the time of each projects are quite short for me. Sometime I think it is quite hard for me to manage the time. 
  • In the co-create project, Actually it is a new and exciting experience for me, though I was quite worried about collaborating with others at first. My partner Henry discipline is fine art,  I think it is a chance for us to study and get inspired by the people from other field, and it is really interesting to work as well as share idea with each other. And I learn something from my partner during this project. Firstly, I never done something hunting and crazy thing for jewellery before,  but my partner do fine art, and I think he just inspired me for the hunting style big head piece, which can be fine art work but it can also relate to the body that link to my discipline. So I think collaboration is like  exploring from others.
  • The site of this project is D's Coffee Corner, which is a really dark and quite place in archway. Actually this is a place for selling coffee through the window on the dark wall everyday to the busy people walking pass. This coffee corner is leaved messages by people in archway. For the starting point of this project, is the posters in the wall of the shop with late art on it, it show pattern and message on the coffee, which remind me of people makes memorandum everyday to prevent  forgeting something important. So with this starting, I think people leave message on the cup, which will also share the message with others who also drink coffee every walking through archway.
  •  I was a little bit nervous when I having the presentation. But I made many preparation to introduce  myself and my discipline. I gathered research, some of my project work before, some photography I took before for my hobby,  some visual idea about my discipline, the future aim and so on. I think it is really helpful for me to deeply learn about my self and think about what I should do next in the future. Through the presentation, I was clearer about myself and also I started to be more confidence to improve my future study.
  • The first theme is Jewellery with acrobatics performance. I was inspired by the plates that layer together, and then I starting to think about some difficult action. So one idea came out in my brain, which is doing performance with jewellery. And the second one is the hair "art" jewellery, I did some research about African branding, which remind me of relationship between people. And I also think about different people those who are braiding together, which show some friendship between them. And the third one is chemical reaction, I use this idea for the starting point to present something like, something get together for the new and dramatic affect. 
  •  I think is motivation. In this course we are provided so many resources. We have different workshop with professional tutor. And we can also do research in the KX library and gallery, which really good for us to go deeply for our research. And most importantly, we have tutorial every week so that I can be clear to know what I can do next.
  • For now, I think my writing skill is improved because we practice writing almost everyday a week in the workflow. I also know how to be more deeply to research online. And what is more, I think I have learnt quite a lot making skills in the workshop, which most of them are new for me. 
  • In this course, when I am doing my project, at first, I know how to research when I find my starting point.  And I can find a lot of ideas for my further approaches in the project after doing the research. And also the tutorial can help me to get into deeply in the project.
  • One part that I really appreciate is I can use human body to present my my concept ideas, through the 3D way. And I think making 3D things is really interesting to me. And I think 3D technique can be improve as many as possible, and I can also develop the basic materials or combine with them in a interesting way, not just the boring material. And I can explore new materials in different ways. 
  • I think I develop quite a lot of my first day goal. I know how to present my personal thinking through the writing. And I think I have developed my independent skill for doing 3D work. But mostly, I think my writing skill is improved the most. I think reflect my idea in the workflow can really help me to express my thought of something or questioning and so on.
  • Although my I know something about 3D techniques and making skills in the workshop, but I think I am not professional enough for now and I think I should improve my making skills in the BA course, learn about professional skills and techniques in the BA course. And I think I also should b more deeply to know about jewellery, including history, culture and so on. 


Today everyone have their pecha kucha presentation. I prepare for the 20 slides ppt with 20 second for each slide. I was a little bit nervous because I do not know whether I can handle the time quite well. I afraid I could not finish my talking during the 20 seconds. This presentation give people chance to introduce themselves and their discipline in their individual ways. I think quite helpful for me to present in a group, which help me to learn from each other. I was given some feeback that I was nervous but easy to understand, I should face to everyone to talk my ideas. I think it is a great starting point to learn about myself and know why I choose to do jewellery. And I become more clear about what I want to do in the future and know what is my the most lack of.

Reflective prompts

  • Our museum object is a serious of fashion drawing, The drawing style is quite simple, which drawing by marker and fine liner on the paper. The fashion style of the drawing is quite street style and remind us of 60's fashion style. So we were thinking how to jewellery and fine art connect to fashion. So we decided to use 60's fashion idea into crazy head piece. 
  • We think the materials choices is the most successful. We try different materials during the experiments. And I think plaster and wire net can control the shape od the head piece and it is also a good way for making mask to cover the face.
  • Actually it is a new experience for me, I think it is a good chance for us to study together and get inspired. We work together so that we can point out what is good and what is bad during the collaboration.
  • I think sometimes we should learn about other discipline, they actually have connection together and I like absorb something excite me, like jewellery can become more crazy when meeting fine art. It just inspire me in a different way to do jewellery.
  • We all making 3D artwork and we also use our personal way to present our work.




Today the whole plaster was dried out , me and my partner continue developing our outcome for final. We  also brought two fabric materials for create some effect on the head. We research for the 60's most popular hairstyle, which is the beatles's style, the famous band at that time. And we try to use cotton thread to make the hair on top of it. It easy to put on it but quite hard to stay, because of the material is too slight and easy to move, so we decide to use PVA to control them together. And we also research the 60's drug culture, which show love and peace(A heart print) on the pills. So we cut out a heart of the paper and use it and black spray paint to make the heart print around the head piece, and it come out quite successful. What is more, we use the lace fabric the cover the face, which represent the poisoned people in the 60's. And we found that after some trying, it is successful to put in people head. vgv.jpg


Today we started to consider the material for final outcome after a few experiment and trying different material.  We decided to cover the whole face because we want to present the person who drug and was poisoned in the 60s. At that time it famous for it drug culture. For the material, we think fabric is quite hard to construct a big shape to cover the head after the experiment before, so we decided to use  wire net to  control the basic shape of the head mask. Firstly, we cut out of a piece of  wire net in order to decide how big the mask will be and the shape of it. And then we started to  using the plaster to cover the hold head. It came out quite big and easy to create our further ideas. it just come out what we want.  But just after finish this process, it is quite hard to put on the real people head so we just try to find out the reason of it. And we think maybe the material become tough after drying. So we just try to ban the wire net and make the space bigger inside.



Today after we choose to make something on the head for the final outcome, we started to do some experiment for the head piece.  And we choose one of my sketch, which show the shape of 60's collar of the fashion. Firstly I think using metal is quite easy to create the shape we want and can be really stable on the head. So we try to cut out different sizes of metal pieces and use screw to pin them together. At the end, it come out a crown kind of thing, we think it is quite successful.

And then we want to try something fabric. The idea of this experiment also come from one of the sketch ideas, which is the one with mask covering whole head , we think it looks the most hunting and interesting , so we decided to use two different color fabric material to cover the whole head. And it is easy to handle too. The head become bigger and also with some fabric texture.  And we decide to use the idea of cover the whole face for our further final outcome.




Today I started a new project with a partner and it is an new and exciting experience for me. At first, we are asked to draw the object that we bring for each other as a starting point, and then we started to take photos and make fun of our object, we try to consider the colour and form of these object and combine them together for the interesting photos. I think it is really interesting for us because we can put these object into different way. And thinking about some connection and story between our object. We also make a video to show the connection between water, teapot and my partner's bowls. It's quite interesting to see the process to show they connect with each other.


Chinese teapot

Download WechatSight1531221948.mp4.1 [4.91MB]



After inspiring by the object, we started to make the WING CHUN dummy into human body. We take photos of our series of humor story. It is a story about Jenny make her friend, which can help her to train her KUNGFU. And they start to fighting together and her friend become weaker and weaker. And the body is being distory. At the end, Jenny win this competition and become the most strongest person.  But she try to saving her friend and they become friends again. 



JULY 4 Contextual Practice Drawing

Drawing can really help me to explore everything during I work on my project, It can quick to come up a lot of  different ideas. And it is important for me to draw as many as possible when I am finding what I want to do in my project.  As a designer, I will do some drawing in order to visualize my idea.  when come up an idea, I will do a quick sketch. But I more like using more individual way to draw, like using water colour and fine liner together to make it more interesting. And I also think drawing can also find different material, I use the same pen, but maybe they will come out different effect in different type of paper. So I will also do some experimentation things when I am drawing. It is such a great fun for me to use different material to draw, I remember I have a project before, which about pollution. I want to draw something on the body to get some inspiration, I mix media, such as plastic, clay, paper, water color and marker pen. It inspire me a lot when I finish the drawing. And I think drawing just like cooking, it combine with different flavor so it become delicious. 


The building on the newspaper also remind me of colour palette. I am interested in the structure with different colour of the building. The colour of the windows make contract with the wall colour.  Just like the colours intertwined together on the palette. Like contrast colour. And then I went to the stitch workshop to stitch some contrast colour. 



Here is the work that I did in the casting workshop today. Actually I was quite enjoy using this kind of material to make things, I think it is quite flexible to make whatever the shape or the texture I like and it come out successfully. I want to present the idea of making an individual colour palette. And it show that everyone is artist with different colour palette to draw their life.





Today I went to the wood work shop to make a 3D work about a kind of idea like colour wheel, which also come from colour palette. I think wood is quite easy to cut the shape, So I try to cut out three different sizes of circle to make different layers of the wheel. And in order to put the colour on the wheel, I decided to use plastic and paper to create some shapes to make the layer of colour.





Today we have our project 3 briefing. The new project is about hand made, like doing a lot of beautiful experiment and making fun of our failure. After tutor dividing us into different groups. We received some newspaper and found inspiration of it. We started to get ideas from newspaper. And after I cutting some images with the colorful patterns, I found that the colors of all the papers are bright and look comfortable, like blue and green. So I uses these paper to make the beautiful color palette, which is my starting point of this project. What is more, I found an artist who use color from nature to combine forms and shapes. It came up an idea that color itself create something. The colour on the palette just like the soul of people, which are created on our own.




Today I went to LCF jewellery degree show. It is a great experience for me to see the graduate show of my future course. All the student work there are really pofessional no matter the material choices or the technique. They show clearly how to put on the human body. And I can also see all the details of the jewellery pieces. Compare of my work, I think I am really lack of detail things and my technique is not professional enough. And I also should study more about jewellery culture and learn about more about jewellery.



My final outcome is a coffee cup ring. It show that everyone who love coffee is wearing an ring. The pattern that cover the cup is made by people, it is individual, holding the message that people leave.The pattern is inspired by the illustror, you can see there are so many message combine with each other from inside to outside, just like many people is talking. And when the ring is put off, it just become a individual coffee cup that some who drink the coffee everyday, and leave more and more message.



Here are some experimental print I done for coffee.

I found some coffee bean in the cafe, the shape look quite cute so I want take my home to do some experiment, I really like the shape and texture of coffee bean, So I use colors to make the prints on the paper. It come out really successful and then I went to the metal workshop, Today the tutor teach us some new technique for us, so I learnt to use the machine that can make some mark on the metal piece, just like drawing. For the second page, this experiment come out by accident at first, it come out a mark on the other page when I was drawing, it just like the coffee ink on the bottom leave the message on the table. So I decided to make more mark like this. Just like different individual message.




Today I drink a cup of coffee with the latte art. It show beautiful on the top of the coffee.  And I also do some research about latte art. Using steam milk, people can create whatever the pattern or message they like. So I think every coffee shows their indivial things on it.


After I drink out of coffee, the coffee cup also show indiviual pattern of me, which came to the idea of stain coffee cup.



Today we start the celebrating archway project. Tutor gave us a different site for us and mine is called D's coffee corner. So I just went their to have a  look and I found there is a really dark and small place, where sells coffee through the window. And from the black wall, two poster with the beautiful coffee with the latte art attracted me. And the latte arts remind me an idea of message cove on the coffee. Some people buy a cup of coffee with the latte art just like people make notes everyday on their memorandum so that they will not forget important things.




Two posters that attract me with latte art.



After taking all of the photos. I start to pick up one of my photo for my final outcome. I think the final image can strongly reflect what I want to present and the creeping body language can also attract other.



This project is about self portrait. So I want to present the difference between my sight right now and my sight when I was a child. As we know, people have different sight because their height of even the focus point. So I think child and I have a huge different of what us see. We will see different world with the different sight level. And I found it interesting to make comparison of them.



When I was taking the photo, I try to use body language to show the child behavior, and use table as a prop to show the way that child see the world.